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Monday, January 28, 2008

5 months old and first solids!

Hurray for Goose! He is now eating solids and LOVING it! We have been experimenting with rice cereal for a few weeks now, but he just didn't like it very much. He would tend to get a little frustrated after a few bites and I didn't want to push it for fear of making him dislike eating all together!

But recently he has been showing a strong interest in watching us eat. We pull his high chair up to the table with us while we have dinner so he can feel like he is a part of the group and lately he has been following our forks from plate to mouth like a tennis match, or a basketball game in overtime! He has also been mimicking our facial expressions while we eat by making "chewing" faces at us. So we decided it was time to start him on actual baby food. No more rice cereal, fake-o, food!

It's hard to tell in these pictures, but he did actually enjoy himself with these peas, although he enjoyed the sweet potatoes a few nights later even more. I guess it is the strange sensation of texture in their mouths that makes babies screw up their faces like this! Anyway, it was very cute.

In other news, beingn 5 months old has opened new and interesting doors for our little Goose baby. He can now roll front to back and back to front, as well as sit up by himself for a few seconds before leaning too far in and toppling over. He has also begun doing the "airplane" and pushing up on his hands while on his tummy.

Let's see...what else can my gosling do? Reach and grab! That's his favorite - which makes it very difficult to type on the computer since he is how reaching for the keys and trying EAT the laptop! Thanks to my Ergo carrier, though, he is now being worn on my back and therefor it is less difficult for him to type his opinions over mine while blogging. :)


Here you go!

Feels funny, but tastes good!


Debbie J. said...

He is so cute! I'm surprised that he likes peas better than rice cereal. I'm glad he is liking baby food.

Pen Pen said...

Oh, Supermommy! Goose is so cute!!! I always enjoyed feeding my babies, especially when they enjoyed what they were eating. In fact, I love feeding old people just as much, if they are enjoying it. One of my favorite things to do... eat and feed others! ha! Congrats! on another milestone for Goose!

Western Warmth said...

So cute!