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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Laptop...

Saturday Evening, 7pm: I was drinking a huge cup of delicious sweet tea, while working on the computer. I found a bunch of really cute clothes at a yard sale, and was in the process of posting the images on Ebay to see if I could re-sell them. I was really focused on what I was doing and while reaching for the sweet tea I fumbled! It went everywhere, and by everywhere I mean INTO my laptop. My first reaction was to say "crap!" and grab the cup before it could dump anymore tea onto my most important piece of technological equipment.

A voice comes in from the living room, "What?"- I respond, "I spilled tea in my laptop!"

Lay it down flat and put a towel under it!

You mean like this?

No - not an angle! You're draining all the liquid into the hard drive!

Well if you would stop talking maybe I could concentrate!

Your laptop is DONE!


We patiently and calmly waited it out overnight, giving my loyal companion plenty of time to air out. This morning I pressed power - and nothing happened. I plugged it in - was it the battery??? Nope - its gone!!

My computer has finally bit the dust after 3 loyal years of companship. I'm not sure if that is a long lifespan for a computer or not - but I'm honestly surprised that this particular computer has lasted this long.

I recieved this computer in 2004 when I started working as a traveling marketing person. This laptop has been to 42 states, and probably 100 different airports. It went from being packed tenderly into a laptop bag and stored underneath the seat in front of me, to being shoved into a suitcase and thrown into the overhead bins. The hard drive has failed twice and one of the pixels was burned out. And the kicker - I had no "M" or "B" button. The cat knocked the M off and the B came off while I was typing. I've been triggering those letters by digging a fingernail into the empty button space for 6 months. But I'm a frugalizer so I've been making do and hoping it would last a little longer with each passing day that it was still around!

So what's the good news in this story? I'm getting a new laptop!! Oh yeah! I'm so so so excited I can hardly wait! And I have to wait for Christmas! Thank you hubby for such a great Christmas present. And just so I'm giving credit where its due - Hubby informed me this morning that he was already going to get me a computer for Christmas anyway - its just not going to be a surprise anymore. What a sweetie! And thanks for letting me use your yucky PowerBook in the meantime hubby. :)

Happy Monday everyone!


Penny said...

Congrats! on getting a new laptop!!! Sorry your old one finally died. I love reading your stories; you tell them so well!

Debbie J. said...

I'm glad you are getting a new laptop. I couldn't type with keys missing like you do!!!