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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cheap Coffee

Aaahhh. Since Goose is still sleeping, that means I get to indulge in one of my many guilty (yet cheap!) pleasures. Coffee....Yum.

My Morning Coffee

Let me preface this by saying I am a recovering Dunkin' Donuts/Starbucks addict. Oh how I love the sweet, caffeine goodness of a Medium Iced French Vanilla with Cream and Sugar on a hot summer day. Or a Chai Tea Latte on those first cool days of Fall. mmmmmmmmm. Well since we've been down to one income I've had to forgo these wonderful, tasty, delicious treats. One good thing about it was that during my pregnancy I just could not drink coffee. I was very sick for 8 out of the 9 months and coffee just turned my stomach. So in a sense it wasn't too hard to give up, but now my old cravings have returned and it gets really difficult to drive by both "The Dunks" and Starbucks on my way to the grocery store (or anywhere for that matter!).

So I have discovered a very cheap and kinda tasty alternative - coffee at home. Not nearly as exciting, but it usually satisfies the urge. Now, I think prices are different around the country, but lets just say that a medium flavored coffee is about $3 dollars at Dunkin Donuts. Well MY coffee is only 10 cents a cup. Even if you only "indulge" once per week (that's $156 per year) at a coffee establishment, my coffee, drank every single day, will only cost you approximately $36.50 - for the whole year.

Here's how I do it: I buy my coffee supplies in bulk at BJ's Wholesale. (But I'm sure pricing is similar at Sam's Club, Costco, Etc). I purchase 360 cups worth of coffee in a single container for $10 (including tax). I purchase a 120 count package of Coffeemate Vanilla Flavor creamers at $8 (including tax) and an 800 count package of Equal Packs for the same price. So when you add it all up it comes to 7 cents per cup of coffee!!! Now most people will need to buy more creamer and coffee over the course of the year, so I rounded up to 10 cents for the approximate price. Cool huh?

Of course, it doesn't taste quite (ok NEARLY) as good as Starbucks, but it's very inexpensive and gets your caffeine fix in for the day.

Have a great Sunday!!


Debbie J. said...

Yum, sounds good. I'm the same way with sweet tea from McDonalds. I can bring it from home, even in a recycled mcdonald's cup, and its just not as good as going through that drive through and spending the money! I just don't understand it!

Littlepenpen said...

You are saving a ton of money on coffee! I never got hooked on Starbucks... in fact, don't really like it. But I love coffee from Cracker Barrel!