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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Evenings with New Baby, by: New Mom

My beautiful son is 7 weeks old. He has changed my life, definitely for the better, but I just never knew how hard it really is to be a parent. The most difficult thing, and most people have agreed with me on this, is the lack of sleep. I just never knew! You really just never know until you have a kid!

My evenings 2 months ago consisted of the following:

2 hours of tv, 1 hour hot bath, 30 minutes reading in bed, 8-10 hours of blessed sleep. I look at this list now and realize what a luxurious life I once had!

Now my evenings go like this:

Feed baby, bathe baby, feed baby, rock baby, feed baby, put baby down, lie down in bed, worry that baby isn't breathing, check breathing, lie back down, say prayer that baby won't stop breathing, sleep for 4-5 hours, wake up and praise God that baby is still breathing, change baby, feed baby, put baby back down, say another prayer that baby won't stop breathing, sleep for 2-3 more hours and then start day...WHEWWW!

And just when you think they have their schedule down - they change it! Night before last, my son, who usually falls asleep between 10 and 10.30 for the night, did not fall asleep until midnight. I was so tired with just this two hour change. And of course he wasn't happy about either! He cried the whole extra two hours he was awake. Yikes. (Does anyone out there have any tips on soothing baby in situations like that? Is that what is known as colic?)

All-in-all though, I think little "d" is doing pretty well in terms of night sleeping. I've heard so many horror stories from other super moms whose little darlings only slept for 2 hour increments at a time for months! My little guy usually goes at least 4.

And I really do miss my evenings of luxury, but now "d" is starting to smile up at me when he sees me hovering over him, and that small ounce of recognition is full of enough love to get me through. (That, and my husband draws a hot bath for me when I look a little too stressed!!) hehe. ;)


Debbie J. said...

Lori, you still got it!!! They knew what they were doing when you won the county writing contest in your school in 7th grade! I'm so excited that you've started a blog. Love that picture of little "D" too. Love you!

Kacie said...

What a cute photo! Best wishes with everything.

WesternWarmth said...

I'm excited you started a blog! I've been waiting for this, even though you don't know me...since I've been reading your mom's blog for awhile and hearing about you and since we were pregnant at the same time.

His sleep sounds very normal and pretty good for that age! It is stressful. I used to have that worry--are they still breathing?! About 4 months into my first's life I started just letting her sleep with me and then I got more sleep. It works for some people, not for everyone.

Can't wait to read more on your blog!

Littlepenpen said...

I've been waiting for your blog too. I hope you find time to keep us posted on your "new" life as mommy, homemaker, etc. I agree with Western warmth... put that baby in the bed with you and sleep! Best wishes... your little "d" is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...