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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Night Away From Mom

I was looking forward to this day, though I admit I was hoping for a bit more separation anxiety on his part (because I was anxious and he was just like whatever mom). What I was looking forward to was Gooses's first night in his own room since arriving home from the hospital. And, despite my anxieties, it was a wonderful night for all.

We were going to wait until he was 10 weeks old to move him into his crib, but when 11 pm rolled around last night and he was still being fussy and my huband and I were about to keel over for want of sleep, we decided to just put him in his own room and let him be fussy all he wanted! As it turned out, his fuss completely diminished after we placed him in his crib and swaddled him. He didn't immediately fall asleep, but he seemed happy so we decided to go to bed.

But, wait a minute honey! What if he suffocates in the bumper pads? Well, I don't know dear husband do you think thats really possible, the bumpers seem really secure...Why don't we check it out online to be sure? Hmmm "The American Foundation of This and That" recomends against bumper pads. Help me get them off. But what if he bumps his head and gets hurt?? No, the "website of whatever and then some" says thats next to impossible. What if we can't hear him when he cries? Lets EACH put a monitor beside our bed on high volume just to be safe.

Its a wonder we ever fell asleep with so many dangerous situations just waiting to pounce on our son as soon we pulled up the sheets and closed our eyes! But sleep we did - and let me tell you - it was FABULOUS. It was uninterrupted. There were hours of it.

How much Goose slept I will never know. He was still making baby sounds at us through the monitor when I finally drifted off. What I do know, is that he did not wake me up for anything during the night and didn't wake me for breakfast until 7am!! After he ate breakfast, he decided to take a nap, so I put him back in his crib and here I am enjoying my 10 cent cup of coffee and indulging in a little me time. Ironically last night was also Goose's 2 month birthday. What a great night for a new milestone!

Taken by Dad at 5.52am
Still Sleeping!

For more tips on crib safety please visit: http://www.cpsc.gov/CPSCPUB/PUBS/5030.html


Debbie J. said...

That is amazing!!! If you keep him in the habit of going to sleep in his crib by himself you will have done a great thing as a mom of a baby!!! I did that will all of my babies and they always went to bed good at night without all that rocking, getting one more glass of water or getting up to sleep with me. Congratulations!!!

Littlepenpen said...

What a milestone! You are such a good mommy already! My son slept with us until he was almost THREE years old. However, we learned our lesson and didn't put our daughter to bed with us. But guess what? Now that we are old, we have two dogs in the bed that really need to get out! Help!!!!