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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Menu This Week

I am taking Crystal's (Biblicalwomanhood) ecourse on Grocery Savings and am trying to stick to around $30.00 weekly for groceries. I started by planning a menu, then checked off what I already had, then I went to the store to buy what I didn't. Before doing this I checked the local circulars online to see who had the best deals going. The only sale I could find was on potatoes at Food Lion so that is where I went. Here's the menu:

Monday - Spaghetti (already had ingredients)
Tuesday - Chicken Cream Cheese Pockets
Wednesday - Chicken Casserole
Thursday - Chicken Stroganoff
Friday - Pot Roast
Saturday - Chili

For Breakfast I got oatmeal and for Lunches I got bread for sandwiches.

All of the ingredients I needed for all these meals I found at Food Lion for a total of $25.55. YES!

Hopefully we will have lots of leftovers and then we can stretch this $25.55 out into next week. I love being frugal!


Debbie J. said...

Those meals sound delicious. I know you didn't learn to cook before you left home.... guess you are just smart!!!!

WesternWarmth said...

Your mom's comment is funny :). I enjoyed this post. I took the ecourse from Crystal too, and still don't know how in the world I could live on $30 a week. I spend that just on a midweek run for "milk." Oh well. One thing at a time, right!

Littlepenpen said...

Very good! That's what determination will do for you... determined to stay home and be a mommy! You'll NEVER regret it. Keep up the good work!