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Monday, October 29, 2007

Inexpensive Yard Project

Yesterday I undertook a project I had been putting off and I decided Sunday was the day! What was this amazing project you ask? I created a stone stairway!!! (Exciting I know...)

When we first purchased our lot we had two options. We could select a sloped lot or a flat lot. The choice seems clear right? Who wants a hill for a yard?? Only here's the catch. The flat lots are incredibly small and by the time you put a house on it, your back yard is almost nonexistent. Plus, those lots will eventually have houses behind them so the privacy will be nonexistent as well.

The sloped lots however have a wooded view and are larger. So you get pretty scenery and an actuall back yard - even if it is downhill! Our yard is slightly better than our neighbors though because we selected a lot that flattens towards the bottom so that Goose will have a place to play one day. Here's a pic of the pretty view from my kitchen table:

Anyway, getting back to the project, the area coming down from the steps on our deck is very steep. I can't get down the incline safely unless I hold on to the deck posts as I go. So I decided to make some steps!

This is a very cheap solution to the problem: We bought five 2'x2' stones at Lowe's Home Improvements. I think they were $1.50 each. I already had the shovel so the cost of this fix plus tax was approximately $10 or less.

Basically I shovelled and scooped and stomped until I created a dirt staircase! With each dirt step I would create a place to set in the stone so that it would be flush with the dirt, and what will eventually be grass!!

Even if you don't need a stone staircase, you can still use the stones to create walkways through flowers for an inexpensive landscaping project!
Here's the finished product:


Kacie said...

Good work! Play around with your camera and try some different perspectives. You might try standing so you're on the side of the hill, facing the steps. Hold your camera level (not level to your landscape, but really level) and that might help show depth.

Or, stand at the bottom of your hill and again, holding your camera level, show the steps in relation to the stuff surrounding it.

Debbie J. said...

That looks great and will really come handy. As time goes along the grass will grow and be even more pretty!

Littlepenpen said...

Very good job! We have the same type of walkway going down to my husband's garage from our side yard. We recently put solar lights down one side for more safety. (it really helps to be able to see the steps at night!) Love your view from the kitchen!