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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Pantry Stretch Challenge

Last night I posted on how I try to stretch out our shopping trips by scouring the pantry and internet to come up with recipes that use ingredients I already have on deck. Our meal last night, despite a couple of substutions, was very good! (If you want to try out, please visit the link in the post.)

So, since I had a success last night, I've decided to try doing the "Pantry Stretch" each night for the rest of the week! Yikes!

Here's what we're having to night:

Old Fashioned Goulash

The ingredients include: condensed tomato soup, onions, diced tomatoes, cheese, and pasta. All of which I just so happen to have! Actually the Tomato soup I thought I'd never get rid of!! The total apx cost of this meal is $1.50 per serving (4 servings). Awesome! And the best part is, I saved money because I have stretched our pantry stock yet another day. Can I make it the whole week? Tune in to find out! :)


Debbie J. said...

That sounds good too! Your EBs will have expired. They're good for a month, I think! I'm going to come up with a new organizer. hugs.

Littlepenpen said...

You go, Super Mommy! I did the same thing with some very ripe bananas and buttermilk yesterday. I plan to post about it later.

Rosemary said...

yum, i love goulash