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Monday, November 26, 2007

7 things!

I've been tagged by fellow SuperMom, Mrs. Warmth, to list 7 random things about me. Here goes!

1) I majored in Business Administration in college, but what I really wanted to do was be a ballet dancer! I didn't think there was any money in it and I didn't know what else I would be good at, so I majored in Business! (Kind of like you, Mrs. Warmth!)

2) I'm amazed that I'm still breastfeeding. Hubby was the one who actally wanted me to do it and I said ok, but in the back of my mind I was really unsure. It hurt so bad for the first month, but after that it got really easy. I don't even pump anymore because to me its just easier to breastfeed. Now I can't imagine feeding Goose formula.

3) Goose got his nickname because he used to honk like a goose when he ate!! We think its cute, but others have told me to can it before it gets too "stuck". :)

4) I currently have like 4 or so clogged milk ducts. OUCH.

5) I LOVE movies. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I LOVE going to the movies especially. Before Goose was born, hubby and I probably went at least once a week. Sometimes twice! We also love Grey's Anatomy and Lost. We love them so much, we wait until the DVDs come out to watch them because we can't take the weekly suspense (or commercials!).

6) I like soap operas. I know they are dumb, the plot-lines are weak and the acting is cheesy, but I really like them!! I like how I can miss about 10 episodes and still know exactly what is going on because the story moves so slowly!

7) I am really proud of my husband! The parents of his students often tell me how great they think his teaching is. It makes me so proud!


Debbie J. said...

Very interesting..... maybe you would like some movies for Christmas.

Littlepenpen said...

I love reading everyone's random posts! I used to watch soaps a long long time ago, but got away from them. Lately when I'm at work, I have to take a certain patient to her room everyday at 1:00 for a tube feeding. I catch myself watching a certain soap and many of the same actors are still there... after all these years!

Western Warmth said...

This was fun to read! We are a lot alike. I used to watch Bold and the Beautiful. I could seriously take two years off and watch it again and put together all that had happened. Hilarious. Fun to get to know you!