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Friday, November 16, 2007

Frugal Friday - Yard Sales

On Monday I posted about all the great deals we found at yard sales last Saturday and I thought I'd go into a little more depth today for Frugal Friday. Yard Sales have SO MUCH to offer. I used to think that I didn't want other people's junk, but then I went yard saling and saw that the stuff people sell at their yard sales is not usually very junky! People sell really NICE stuff - you just have to know how to find the right sale. Here's how to have a successful yard saling experience:

1) Know what you are looking for. Last Saturday I was looking for kids clothes and books to resell. We didn't find many good books, but we did hit the jackpot with some extremely gently used, name brand, kids clothes. I'm talking Baby Gap, The Children's Place, Carters...Some of the outfits were brand new. We even found a like-new Halo SleepSack.

2) Once you know what you are looking for - get a newspaper or hit the Craigs List site for your area. Last week we didn't get a paper but went on Craigs List and found all our yard sales that way. Its cheaper (frugal!!) than buying a paper and we had just as much success.

3) Now scour your paper or Craigs List for yard sales that are selling what you are looking for. Whether its clothing, furniture, or pots n pans.

4) Plan your route based on this. We are new to our area, so we planned a multi-stop trip in Google Maps. Probably most people don't have to do this, but if you don't know where something is, look it up and print directions.

5) Go EARLY. All the good stuff is gone by probably 8 or 9am at yard sales. ESPECIALLY furniture. If you are looking to buy a table that was advertised, you can bet someone else is going to beat you to it!

6) On the other hand - Don't show up at 5am before the stuff gets put out and then start helping the home owner to take stuff out of boxes in your urgency to find the best deals. We had a yard sale once and people actually did this. We were trying to get all the boxes out of the house and people were just digging in and taking boxes from us - An HOUR before our advertised start time.

7) Bargain with the owner! You don't have to pay sticker price at yard sales. Last week I found a brand new bread machine for $20 and offered them $15 - they said ok. When you are sorting through clothes that are $1 each, grab a whole bunch and just offer a flat amount. I had about 16 pieces of clothing in my hands last week and offered the owner $10. He said OK!

I'd like to thank my friend Rosemary for introducing me to yard sales when we were neighbors!!! THANKS!

Do any of you have a yard sale tip?? Please leave it in the comments for us! I'm still pretty new to it, so I'm sure I've left something out! Thanks to Crystal at Biblical Womanhood for hosting Frugal Fridays, head on over for more frugal tips!


Rosemary said...

You did a fab job with the tips and that coming from the self proclaimed yard sale queen! I only have one tip to add...if you are at a yard sale and there is something you like but is overpriced, give them your number and tell them to call you if they DON't sell it...then you can get an extra good price. I'll be hitting the streets tomorrow at 8!

Peggie said...

I love yard sales too! I used to not be able to walk away from things I wanted,did not need, had no room for and would sit in the corner or add to my clutter. I am now controlled enough (most of the time) to admire but not buy unless it is something I am looking for or can use.

A funny yard sale story: when I was younger I had this friend who did not want to be seen at a flea market, yard sale or (horrors!) garbage picking. Her husband was the opposite. Loved them like I do. We would all go out and she wuold duck down so as not to be seen while her husband and I rummaged! I could not believe she was missing all this fun!

Littlepenpen said...

I love yard sales too, but I find it hard to get up early enough to get the really good stuff. I'm usually the one who shows up as they are about to pack up their stuff! I've gotten some good buys that way too.

Debbie J. said...

I love yard sales and thrift stores too! Its hard to get there early when it gets cold though. Really good tips that I need to remember.