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Monday, November 12, 2007

Yard Saling Success!!!!

On Saturday Hubby, Goose, and I went yard selling for the first time in our new town. We found such amazing deals! If you can muster the strength to wake up about 2 hours before sunrise and and still have the where-with-all to fight off other buyers from your purchases on just a little sleep, then yard sales are the way to go!

We took $50 with us and spent $44. Here's what we got:

Huge box FULL of Duplo Blocks
3 brand new baby outfits
10 gently used baby outfits (like new)
10 like new kids books
2 hardcover books for me
2 Batman movies for hubby
The Lion King Movie
Pooh Bear decorations for a future play room
Light Meter (for hubby's science class)
Magnet kit (also for hubby's science class)

and the very best find:

A BRAND NEW bread machine - still taped up in its box!! YES!

This was the very best find!! Needless to say I have already made a loaf of bread (Cinniman Raisin) and it was pretty good! I am so excited to make fresh bread for us to use on sandwiches and to have for breakfast, etc. The bread machine is SO easy to use. You just poor the ingredients in and press start! 3 hours later you have bread!! So Cool!



Debbie J. said...

Wow, you made that bread already. You never cease to amaze me. I bet hubby loved it!

Don't forget to try the pizza dough!

Littlepenpen said...

You had a wonderful day of yard sales. Good job on the bread machine. I kicked myself in the butt recently for giving away a perfectly good, almost unused bread machine, that had been given to me.... FREE. I never even used it. When I see pictures and see recipes of what you girls do with your bread machines, I kick myself once again!