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Friday, November 23, 2007

Being Thankful

I know this is a day late, but in honor of Thanksgiving I just want to send a "shout out" to God. He made so much possible for us this year and I am really still in awe of it.

Stuff God made possible for us this year:

1) Led us to a new town
2) Helped us sell our old home
3) Found us an apartment with a lease exactly long enough to keep us housed until our new home was finished
4) Got us into our new home with a week to spare before the birth of our son
5) Found hubby a new job that he loves
6) Gave us a beautiful baby boy
7) Allowed us to keep our sanity while we moved twice in 6 months
8) Blessed us with amazing family and friends that have been wonderful and supportive throughout everything.

Thanks God -You rock! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Biggest Miracle Of All


Debbie J. said...

I say AMEN to all of this post. The Lord has been so good to our whole family in so many ways, especially with the birth of such a healthy wonderful little boy!!!

Littlepenpen said...

It's wonderful to stop and count our many blessings from time to time! Your baby boy is growing and is absolutely gorgeous... love the top photo you have on the side!

Western Warmth family said...

That's a beautiful family picture. Your year sounds like mine, moving twice and having a baby. I don't know if I really kept my sanity though :).

Rosemary said...

YAY for our blessings! Keep bloggin supermom!