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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hello....47 Cent Can of Cream of Mushroom...

My trip to Aldi yesterday was a success, albeit a tad stressful! Goose was hungry and I had to breastfeed him in his carrier while navigating the unfamiliar layout of my new favorite store. I was pushing the cart with one hand, holding a blanket over my chest with one hand, holding the carrier in place with one hand, and checking off my grocery list with one hand - oh wait - I only have TWO hands...! Maybe that's why I was so stressed!

Anyway, I got some good loot! There are definitely some items at Aldi that are significantly cheaper than what I normally pay. I got the majority of what was on my list and picked up a few other items just because they were SO cheap!

For $22.08 I purchased:

5 1/2 pounds of ground beef
Wheat cereal
Large box of Spaghetti
Coffee Creamer (French Vanilla!)
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Box of Stroganoff
Cream Cheese

Of all the items the beef was the most expensive at $10.00 (or $1.79 a lb). So that means the rest of my items only cost an average of $1.33 each. Pretty good I'd say! I was most impressed with the price on everyday ingredients that I use. The Cream of Mushroom soup being only 47 cents is a good example of this. Another example is they have boxes of Powdered Onion Soup for only 50 cents. That is a pretty huge savings considering they are over a dollar for the name brand (Lipton's).

As for the shopping experience at Aldi -MAN do they check you out fast! The Cashier was literally THROWING my groceries into the cart, I could barely get my money out fast enough! As for the "no shopping bags" concept, I was a little worried because I had forgotten my shopping bags, but I noticed no one else in the store had bags either. So I just put the items directly into my car with no bags, which I thought was just fine.

So all-in-all a great experience and I plan to do PLENTY of more shopping at Aldi. It was definitely worth the trip into town.


Debbie J. said...

Not only do Moms have lots of arms, but eyes in the back of their heads! (but big hearts) You did great at Aldi's. It might be worth a trip for me occasionally to stock up on some things.

Anonymous said...

You might want to put a couple of laundry baskets in your trunk...just throw the groc. into them and it is easy to carry into the house when you get home. I found it was easier to put children into the car and then load groc. into the baskets. It frees up at least one hand!

Kacie said...

I was going to suggest the laundry basket trick, too! Looks like Anon beat me to it.

Glad you had a successful trip! You can really stock your pantry for cheap there. Who CARES that the soup isn't Campbell's? Nobody will know the difference.

I hope the store wasn't too far out of the way for ya!

Rosemary said...

now i'm jealous...wilmington does NOT have an aldi! did they have an organic selection at all?

Littlepenpen said...

Sounds like a successful shopping trip! I may have to check out our Aldi's again soon. I love Caesar salad and noticed your bag in the photo. You will find that mommies do have to grow extra hands... it sounds like yours area already developing!