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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well my sweet little son has colic. I have always heard parents talking about colic and how awful it was, but not having experienced it myself I just took their stories with a grain of salt. I mean, techinically speaking, Colic is just long stretches of inconsolable crying and certainly my baby could never be "inconsolable". Not with such a loving mom as myself! Surely he can always be comforted by my gentle nature and loving touch?. NOPE! Colic is awful. All the stories are true. Goose is not comforted by my gentleness or love!

To describe Colic to those of you who have not experienced it: Imagine the most annoying sound you can possibly think of. Some good examples are nails on a chalkboard, the monotonous beep of the Emergency Broadcast System weekly test, and the sound a phone makes when left off the hook for too long. Got your sound? Ok - amplify the volume x10 and multiply the intensity by 2 or 3. Now listen to that sound for 4 or more hours straight per day. Also, take away any option what-so-ever of turning off the annoying sound. The sound can only cease of its own accord for a reason that you do not nor ever will know. THAT, my dear friends, is Colic.

Poor Goose cried so much, I finally concluded that something must be wrong. He wasn't eating normally and barely sleeping during the day. I took him to see our doctor yesterday thinking he must have an ear infection or SOMETHING. There was nothing wrong with our child at all. To top it off - Goose ceased all crying while at the doctor's office. In fact, he turned on all the charm he could muster! He made eyes at the doctor and cooed those sweet little sounds. "I swear he was not like this at home doctor!" I said. Sigh...The doctor left the room and Goose started up with the crying again!

At any rate, he was diagnosed with Colic and it was suggested that I try Mylicon Gas Relief drops on the child. Apparently they work on some children and not on others. Well - I'd like to send a big "shout out!" to the makers of Mylicon!!!! My kid is one of the kids that it works on!! YES!

Goose stopped crying. He also slept for hours after we got home, went to bed for the night an hour earlier than usual and slept this morning until his usual time. Thank you Mylicon!

If anyone has any experience with Colic, please leave your stories and suggestions here in the comments. I would love to hear what works for this!


Debbie J. said...

Go Mylecon! I'm so glad something is helping. If all else fails, he'll out grow it!

Littlepenpen said...

Mylicon didn't work for my son when he had colic. We did a whole lot of walking and bouncing! Hope he outgrows it soon! (by the way, I love your pictures.... baby D is gorgeous and growing like a weed)