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Monday, November 5, 2007

Over the Highway and through the traffic, To the ALDI Store I go!

Today is a great day because I am going to ALDI for the first time today! I am so excited because I see all the great deals Kacie over at SenseToSave is saving and want to join in the fun! Plus it sounds like a cool shopping experience.

I had no idea we even had ALDIs down here until I noticed my mom from HomeMakingDreams commenting on Sense to Save that her nearest ALDI was 30 minutes away. Well if my mom has an ALDI then surely I must!! (We live close to each other) I went on the website and BLAM KAZAAM (that's the sound my computer made) I have an ALDI!

A few things I love about the ALDI concept:

1) Bring your own shopping bags. This is so awesome. It takes about KAJILLION KAMILLION years for plastic bags to break down in landfills. Plus, it takes OIL to make plastic. And I am all about the U.S. not needing as much of it. So I just love the idea of reusing bags.

2) Quarter for a shopping cart. I seriously hate seeing people not put their carts back. Everytime I go to the store I see someone just push their cart into oblivion and inevitably THAT is the cart that will reappear next to my car when I come out of the store - along with a huge ding! So I love having an incentive to put carts back.

3) Generic AKA "Private Label" Brands. I like that I won't be bombarded with typical marketing when I go in. I am not a cow - I do not need to be "branded".

I'll let you know how it turns out! To find an ALDI near you click here.


Rosemary said...

i don't understand, what is aldi???

Kacie said...

Cool! I hope you have fun. If you can't find something that seems pretty common, take another quick walk through the store. Sometimes, items are hiding in random places.

Don't forget, they have a double money back guarantee. If you don't like a product, they will replace it AND refund your money.

Aldi is also nice because you don't have to bother with coupons. The store is smallish, and you don't have to spend a lot of time in there.

Littlepenpen said...

We have an Aldi's nearby that I like, but I don't go as often as I probably should. I LOVE the video posted above... and yes, the heroine will survive... looks like she is doing a GREAT job!