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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Soap Box Thursday!!!!!

I'm on my Soap Box Today! Is it just me, or are the prices on Ebay completely ridiculous!!? I was looking into getting Goose a Baby Bumbo or a BeBe Pod to help him sit upright and the prices are really high! One of the BeBe Pods (which was a used one with a crack in it) was already up to 26 dollars (incl. shipping) and had 4 hours left! I just want to email those people and tell them to go to their friendly neighborhood WalMart and buy a BRAND NEW crack-less one for $32.

I guess a part of the reason people do this is just that its fun to bid on things and win. I get it. Maybe some people prefer to have their items delivered than to have to go and get them. I guess I get that too. But I don't like it that the charges for used/broken items are the same as brand new items at the store.

I even saw where one person was advertising a brand new Bumbo with Tray for a buy-it-now price of $54.98. In their item description they said "Compare at $74.98". This infuriated me because it just is not true. I imagine you can probably pay $74.98 for one if you wanted, but the truth is they are around $55 at most stores that I know of. But some unsuspecting, honest person out there will see that in the description and think "What a great deal!", purchase it, pay shipping and spend more than they would have otherwise.

Excuse me while I climb back down from my soap box...ok...SOoooo anyway I still love Ebay. I you have the right stuff you can sell it and make money or if you need something you can always find it there. I just don't understand spending the same amount of money (or more!) on something used and broken as the new item would be.

Are you an Ebayer that gets this concept? Please leave a comment! Thanks for reading!


Rosemary said...

I agree, that's why I never did end up getting you a Bumbo for your shower off ebay because they were too much $$. I only shop ebay for cheapey cheapey!

Samara said...

Yes! Though the real gripe that I have about ebay now is the banning of auctions for used cloth diapers under their "no used underwear" policy- as if dipes are undies! Gahhh!

Littlepenpen said...

I love ebay too, but agree, that some things are very pricey. I guess those people are targeting the people who are frugally "challenged". LOL

Debbie J. said...

My luck is that everything I want to buy is high priced, but everything I want to sell is low priced! :o(