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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Television

Is it just me or are all the Christmas Cartoons I used to LOVE as a kid, completely different now? Last night, How the Grinch Stole Christmas was on and the night before that A Charlie Brown Christmas. When I was little, I remember being so excited for these shows to come on television. I remember being glued to the t.v. with Sugar Plums dancing in my ears and Christmas merriment bopping around in my brain.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights when these Christmas specials aired, I got that old twinge of elated anticipation. I tuned in right on time. I muted the dog and the cat, and turned the baby volume to low. Then to my disspointment, I realized that both of these shows are not very interesting anymore and on top of that have incredibly short running times. How the Grinch stole Christmas is only 26 minutes long according to Wikipedia. So I'm not sure, but I think I was tricked into watching 34 minutes of commercials!! Because you KNOW a national television affiliate would never run a 26 minute program in a 30 minute slot and have only FOUR minutes of commercials. Sheesh.

Regardless though, I still enjoyed just the fact that it was on. It brought back happy memories. And even though now I'd rather be blogging or watching Grey's Anatomy, I still feel that the Christmas season has begun when those old school programs begin to run. And I can't wait for our children to get to know Charlie Brown and the Who's down in Whoville. I have a feeling they will renew those old feelings of excitement and possibly even get the sugar plums stuck back in my ears (along with draining all the Christmas cheer from my bank account!)

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Debbie J. said...

You are just growing up. I bet you don't care for rugrats or She-Rah or Jem, anymore either.