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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hair Phenomenon

When my brother was little, his hair would stand straight up. I'm not exaggerating the straight up part. All over his head until his hair was probably 2 inches long it stuck straight out on all sides. I still remember being in Wal-Mart one Sunday with him and my mom (and I think my grandma too) and someone said to their friend that he looked like we had stuck him in a microwave!! They said this where we could hear it too! Shame... Anyway, I think that Goose has inherited his Uncle Tater's hair!!!!!!!

Here's the preliminary evidence:


Rosemary said...

totally cute! love it! btw, got dan's strong committal to agree to babies in 2 years when he turns 30 yay!

Western Warmth said...

I love it!

Debbie J. said...

His hair is so cute and is getting even cuter. I'll email you a pic of Uncle Tater.